Hurricane Harvey 1993

Preliminary Report
Hurricane Harvey
18 - 21 September 1993


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Tropical Storm Bret (TS)
Tropical Storm Cindy (TS)
Tropical Storm Dennis (TS)
Hurricane Emily (3)
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Hurricane Harvey (1)

a. Synoptic History

Harvey formed from a tropical wave that passed to the south of the Cape Verde Islands on 12 September. A cloud system center was identified in satellite imagery on this day and Dvorak classifications were made intermittently over the next several days. Animation of satellite imagery indicated that the disturbance gradually became a little better organized as it interacted with an upper-level low on the18th. The "best track" indicates that a tropical depression formed about 350 nautical miles south-southeast if Bermuda at 1800 UTC on 18 September based on a report of 43 mph from a ship with call letters ELFS that was received at this time. The ship was located in a band of heavy convection which likely caused the wind speed in that area to be somewhat higher than was representative of the depression's interior circulation, centered about 130 nautical miles to the southwest of the ship. This interpretation is consistent with Dvorak classifications which were T1.5 or lower at this time. The depression was moving generally to the north-northwest at 6 to 12 mph, but gradually turned more toward the northeast and accelerated in response to an eastward moving short-wave trough approaching from the northwest.

Satellite imagery showed a low-level center exposed from disorganized deep convection on much of the 18th and 19th. However, by 1200 UTC on 20 September, the circulation center moved under the deep convection and the system was upgraded to Tropical Storm Harvey. The cyclone briefly reached hurricane status at 1800 UTC when an eye appeared in satellite imagery. By this time, Harvey was moving toward the northeast at near 35 mph.

Harvey continued accelerating toward the northeast and soon passed over cooler waters. The system was downgraded to a tropical storm at 0000 UTC on 21 September and quickly began to lose tropical characteristics. Harvey was declared extratropical at 1800 UTC on the 21st, and the circulation was absorbed into a frontal band by 0000 UTC on 22 September.

b. Meteorological Statistics

The strongest surface wind of 58 mph was reported by the American Falcon at 0600 UTC on 21 September while located about 140 nautical miles east-southeast of the center of Harvey.

c. Casualty and Damage Statistics

There were no deaths or damages reported to the National Hurricane Center related to Harvey.

Maximum Intensity For Hurricane Harvey
18 - 21 September, 1993

Position Pressure
Wind Speed
Lat. (°N) Lon. (°W)
20/1800 35.6 55.2 990 75 Category 1 Hurricane