Tropical Storm Alberto 1988

Preliminary Report
Tropical Storm Alberto
05 - 08 August 1988


Tropical Storm Alberto (TS)
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Tropical Storm Keith

a. Synoptic History

A weak trough of low pressure formed off the South Carolina coast on 4 August and became better organized as it moved northeastward around 17 mph. Although it was classified by satellite on 5 August, the system was not designated the second tropical depression of the 1988 hurricane season until the afternoon of the 6th when it was off the Virginia Capes.

The approach of a weak frontal trough from the Ohio Valley began to accelerate the northeastward motion and also enhanced the upper level outflow over the depression during the night of 6 August. It was designated Tropical Storm Alberto on the 7th when it was south of Nantucket. At this point Alberto was moving toward the northeast around 29 mph. It reached the west Coast of Nova Scotia on the evening of 7 August and became extratropical on 8 August over the cold waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The system dissipated over the Atlantic north of Newfoundland that afternoon.

b. Meteorological Statistics

The maximum sustained winds, mainly based on satellite classificaation, was 40 mph on 7 August. On that day a NOAA buoy southeast of Nantucket reported easterly winds of 17 mph and a pressure of 1011 mb at 0900Z, and at 1200Z, a northwest wind of 35 mph and a pressure of 1004, a 3 hourly pressure fall of 7 mb.

c. Casualty and Damage Statistics

The rapid northeastward movement of Alberto over the cold waters off the New England coast limited convection within the system so that it gradually weakened after passing Nantucket. The storm skirted along the west coast of Nova Scotia but caused no significant damage there or elsewhere along its track.

Maximum Intensity For Tropical Storm Alberto
05 - 08 August, 1988

Position Pressure
Wind Speed
Lat. (°N) Lon. (°W)
07/1200 41.5 69.0 1002 40 Tropical Storm