Tropical Storm Ernesto 1988

Preliminary Report
Tropical Storm Ernesto
03 - 05 September 1988


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a. Synoptic History

On 27 August a westward moving tropical wave emerged from the African coast. By 31 August, the wave came under the influence of an upper level low and the most prominent cluster of associated thunderstorms began moving northwestward. On 1 September, the area of showers and thunderstorms increased in area coverage due to the interaction of the tropical wave with the upper level low. The convection moved northward, and a 1016 mb surface low was analysed just east of Bermuda on the 1800 UTC surface map on 2 September. By this time the upper low had moved southwestward and a strong upper level anticyclone became the dominant upper level feature south of the surface low. Satellite imagery showed a poorly defined low level circulation exposed on the west side of deep convection, and the system became a tropical depression at 0000 UTC on 3 September. Under the influence of southwesterlies aloft, the circulation moved northeastward at 17 to 23 mph. In spite of the southwesterly shear aloft, however, the low level circulation became better defined near the edge of the convective overcast, and based on satellite imagery the system was upgraded to Tropical Storm Ernesto later on 3 September. Ernesto accelerated northeastward, with its forward motion reaching 40 to 52 mph on 4 September. By 5 September, Ernesto lost tropical characterists and was absorbed by a large extratropical storm over the North Atlantic.

b. Meteorological Statistics

Tropical storm force winds remained over the open waters of the Atlantic ocean, although the island of Flores in the Azores reported near storm force winds of 35 mph as the center of Ernesto passed passed by over 200 nautical miles to the northwest.

c. Casualty and Damage Statistics

There were no reports of casualties or damage related to Ernesto.

Maximum Intensity For Tropical Storm Ernesto
03 - 05 September, 1988

Position Pressure
Wind Speed
Lat. (°N) Lon. (°W)
05/0000 43.1 29.7 994 65 Tropical Storm