Tropical Storm Cesar 1990

Preliminary Report
Tropical Storm Cesar
31 July - 07 August 1990


Tropical Storm Arthur (TS)
Hurricane Bertha (1)
Tropical Storm Cesar (TS)
Hurricane Diana (2)
Tropical Storm Edouard (TS)
Tropical Storm Fran (TS)
Hurricane Gustav (3)
Tropical Storm Hortense (TS)
Hurricane Isidore (2)
Hurricane Josephine (1)
Hurricane Klaus (1)
Hurricane Lili (1)
Tropical Storm Marco (TS)
Hurricane Nana (1)

a. Synoptic History

A marked wind shift was noted at low to mid levels in the Dakar soundings on 29 July as a strong tropical wave emerged from the northwest coast of Africa. As the wave moved over the Atlantic, METEOSAT images suggested that the wave had developed into the fourth tropical depression of 1990 by 0000 UTC on 31 July while centered about 300 nautical miles south of the Cape Verde Islands.

The depression moved west-northwestward and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Cesar at 0000 UTC on 2 August based on Dvorak intensity estimates from both the NHC and the NESDIS Synoptic Analysis Branch. Cesar turned more toward the northwest on 4 and 5 August in response to a weakness in the subtropical ridge to the north of the storm. Cesar became nearly stationary on 6 August and was downgraded to tropical depression status as the low-level center seperated from the deep convection in response to an increase in upper-level shear from the southwest. The depression dissipated by 1800 UTC on 7 August when the remnants were located a little over 1000 nautical miles east-southeast of Bermuda.

b. Meteorological Statistics

There were no ship reports received at the NHC of tropical storm force winds associated with with Cesar.

c. Casualty and Damage Statistics

There were no reports of damage or casualties related to Tropical Storm Cesar.

Maximum Intensity For Tropical Storm Cesar
31 July - 07 August, 1990

Position Pressure
Wind Speed
Lat. (°N) Lon. (°W)
02/1200 16.7 34.7 50 1000 Tropical Storm