Tropical Storm Josephine 2002

Preliminary Report
Tropical Storm Josephine
17 - 19 September 2002


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Josephine was a short-lived, high latitude tropical storm well out at sea.


a. Synoptic History

Josephine was of non-tropical origin. Surface data indicated that a weak low pressure system formed along a dissipating, nearly stationary frontal zone about 750 nautical miles east of Bermuda on 16 September. Over the next day, as the low moved slowly westward, a small area of deep convection formed near the low-level circulation center and the system's cloud pattern changed from one that resembled a non-tropical cyclone to that of a tropical cyclone. It is estimated that the system became a tropical depression around 1200 UTC 17 September, while centered about 620 nautical miles east of Bermuda. The tropical cyclone moved slowly north-northwestward to northward for about a day. Deep convection associated with the system was intermittent and at times the low-level center became exposed. However, the cyclone strengthened slightly and is estimated to have become a tropical storm by 0600 UTC 18 September. Soon thereafter, Josephine accelerated northeastward in the flow ahead of a deep-layer mid-latitude trough. The system lost its tropical characteristics around 1200 UTC 19 September, at which time a ship report indicated that the cyclone had strengthened into an storm with winds near 58 mph well removed from the center. Soon thereafter, the storm merged with a larger extratropical low and frontal system.

b. Meteorological Statistics

When Josephine became extratropical at 1200 UTC 19 September, a ship with call sign C6LV3 reported 58 mph winds about 76 nautical miles southeast of the center.

c. Casualty and Damage Statistics

There were no reports of damages or casualties associated with Josephine.

Maximum Intensity For Tropical Storm Josephine
17 - 19 September, 2002

Position Pressure
Wind Speed
Lat. (°N) Lon. (°W)
19/0600 39.5 46.7 1007 40 Tropical Storm